Lifejackets for Pets

Keeping Pets Afloat & Looking Cute!

If your furry friend loves to join in with your watery adventures, take a look at our cat and dog life vest range. Our high-quality pet lifejackets are carefully designed for your buddy’s safety, comfort and style.

Follow our fitting guide to find the perfect size then go make a splash with your pet!

Pets Afloat

& looking cute

Buy a dog lifejacket 

Our high-quality pet lifejackets are carefully designed for your buddy’s safety, comfort and style.

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The Best Life Jackets for Dogs & Cats!

Pets Afloat is proud to be the UK’s specialist retailer of pet lifejackets. Every product we sell is designed with your pet’s safety, comfort and style in mind. With our dog and cat buoyancy aids, you’ll feel reassured your pet is safe while he’s having fun in the water. Whether you’re swimming or sailing with your furry friend, he’ll lap up every adventure and stay afloat!

A Dog Buoyancy Aid Range You’d Be Barking Mad to Miss!

Our Premium Dog Lifejacket is designed for daring dogs! Made from high-quality, abrasion-resistant fabric, it’s a reliable dog life vest that comes in a variety of colours. Thermal insulation and reflective tape makes it perfect for activities on land or sea.  

The Professional Dog Lifejacket is paw-fect for intrepid, heroic dogs! It’s specially-designed for wear during rescue training,  pool exercising and dog hydro therapy, with luminous fabric, reflective tape, a padded lifting handle and extra D-rings for optimum safety. 

A Cat Buoyancy Aid for Kitties Who Don’t Paws for Thought!

Many cats dislike the water but some are actually curious about it. Whether your cat is water-shy or adventurous, a Cat Lifejacket is essential for keeping kitty safe. Abrasion-resistant, luminous fabric with an inner foam layer ensures your cat stays afloat, visible and cosy. The handle allows you to pull kitty to safety if he decides water isn’t his thing!

Count on Us to Keep Your Pets Afloat!

With a great selection of lifejackets for dogs and cats, we’re the place to shop before you head out on the water. Our handy fitting guide will help you choose the right size life jacket so your pet is comfortable and fully protected. Our prices are competitive and our customer service is exemplary, because we genuinely care about you and your pet. Shop our dog lifejackets and cat lifejackets or get in touch for more information!