How To Fit Your Dog Lifejacket

Pugs, Chihuahuas, Great Danes, Dachshunds &  German Shepherds what do they all have in common? Well yes they're all dogs, but they also all need a good fitting life jacket/ buoyancy aid. Follow our guide below to get a perfect fit for your pooch. (We even have an XXL dog life jacket)

To get a snug yet comfortable fit it is best to first measure around the dogs chest (also referred to as the girth). Take the circumference measurement around the dog’s chest from behind the front legs across the top of the dog. Important do not over tighten straps

Once you have your measurements, please refer to the chart below for the size ranges. Sizes are approximate

* Please note the lifejacket will not entirely cover the length of longer dogs such as Sausage dogs and Corgis, but the main chest area will be covered.

** The dogs weight is a guide only.

*** Neck measurements below are circumference of lower neck.