About Pets Afloat

About Pets Afloat

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Pets are part of the family, right?


At Pets Afloat, we wholeheartedly agree, and therefore believe they should be able to join in with family activities, whether on land or sea.

Boat trips, kayaking, paddling, general frolicking about on (and in) the water… many pets love these things! With a dog lifejacket from Pets Afloat, your companion can get in on the action; heck, even nervous pets can give water sports a go thanks to us. Because, well, we hate to think of your pet sitting on the riverbank, looking glum and feeling left out.


Our dog life jacket products are made by renowned Swedish lifejacket manufacturers, Baltic, so pets can enjoy the same quality, style and safety features as their humans. We focus on providing the best dog lifejacket designs but we also have a cat version – because hey, not all cats are afraid of the water so why should your feline friend miss out?

When it comes to purchasing from us, our site is designed for a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience. We’ve created an easy-to-follow fitting guide to help you make the right choice for your pet’s size and individual needs. Buy a dog lifejacket from Pets Afloat and your furry friend can splash about, have a whale of a time and – crucially – stay afloat.

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