Life Jackets
for Dogs & Cats

Designed in SWEDEN , exemplary quality life jackets for your dog or cat.

Life Jackets

for Dogs & Cats

Designed in SWEDEN , exemplary quality dog life jackets



Keep your pets afloat and looking cute with our life jackets for dogs and cats! Designed for optimum safety and comfort, our pet lifejackets ensure good times on and in the water.

  • The Premium Dog Lifejacket is ideal for canine boat captains and doggy-paddlers, with its insulated fabric, reflective elements and lifting handle.
  • The Professional Dog Lifejacket is designed for dogs in rescue training, with luminous fabric, a padded handle and D-rings for rescue lines.
  • Purrfect for adventurous kitties is our Cat Lifejacket, with its cosy foam layer and reflective tape handle.

Pets Afloat cat and dog buoyancy aids are made to the highest standard from durable materials. Your pet will love life on the water and you’ll have peace of mind that he’s safe!

Safety With Style!

  1.   Durable

    Durable, fade-resistant fabric with an insulating foam layer

  2.   High Visability

    Luminous colours, high-visibility panels and reflective tape elements

  3.  Lifting Handle

    Sturdy, well-positioned lifting handle and D-rings for the lead and on the professional model search and rescue and hydrotherapy lines.

  1.   Adjustable

    Wide, supportive webbing between adjustable chest straps

  2.   Dual Purpose

    Double as cosy , reflective coats for warm, safe winter walkies

  3.  Colour Range

    Choice of for fashionable pets to match their owners. We even have a pink dog life jacket.

The Best in Buoyancy

See why our cat and dog buoyancy aids are the best:

Our cat and dog life jackets are safety-focused yet stylish, designed to keep your pet afloat so he can join in with your adventures.

They’re also comfortable to wear so he won’t kick up a fuss when it’s time to gear up! If your buddy needs assistance getting in or out of the water, the easy-grab lifting handle provides reassurance for you both.

Whether your pet likes to watch the world go by from your boat or dive right into the water, our cat and dog life vests are a must. Shop our products.

Poodle With Pink Lifejacket

 Dog Buoyancy Aid Specialists

Every dog lifejacket we sell is made by the renowned Swedish lifejacket manufacturer Baltic. Founded in 1977, Baltic is trusted by water sports enthusiasts and emergency services the world over. The company creates superior quality products for pets and people that don’t compromise on comfort or functionality.

These life jackets are long-lasting and reliable; designed to give pet owners peace of mind on and around water. With your companion wearing a Baltic dog life jacket, you can sail, kayak, fish or work near water without worry.  Every Baltic dog lifejacket is equipped with innovative and practical features to keep your pet safe.

Fast Delivery

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Only electricity from renewable energy resources is used in the manufacturing process for our dog life jackets. 

Money Back Guarantee

All our products come with a 14 day money back guarantee.
(see our returns policy for more details)

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